2020 – PHOTO IS: RAEL International Festival, “Light Refugees״ (Curator: Maya Anner)
2020 – Haifa Museum, “Light Refugees״ (Curator: Yifat Ashkenazi)
2018 – Artspace Tel Aviv, “Atopos” (Curator: Sagit Zluf Namir)
2017 – Artspace Tel Aviv, “All the Wooden Horses Run in Circles” (Curator: Gilad Ophir)
2015  – Artspace Tel Aviv, “Homage to Alfred Hitchcock” (Curator: Nir Harmat)
2014  – Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, “Three Donkeys, a Thousand Doves, Some Crows and a Chevrolet Pickup” (Curator: Rony Somek)
2008 – Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, “Hedgehogs” (Curator, Arie Berkowitz)
1999  – Cinematheque, Tel Aviv, “For Sale”, (Curator: Tali Garbuz)
1994  – Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv, “Shutter”



2020 – Pyramide GAllary Haifa. “Arrow of time” (Curator: Shirley Meshulam)
2019 – Yad Vashem Jerusalem-And all Over the World “Lonka Project”. (Curator: Jim Hollander and Rina Castelnuovo)
2018 – Zipora Lurya Gallery Education Academy “Crows to each other” (Curator: Avner Bar Hama)
2018 – Minus 1 Tel Aviv “plaster 6” (Curator: Israel Eliyauh)
2016 – WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education Main Gallery (Curator: micha kirshner)
2016 – Artspace Tel Aviv, “Artist Wall X9” (Curator: Nir Harmat)
2015 – Artspace Tel Aviv, “Artist Wall X9” (Curator: Nir Harmat)
2015 – The Farm Gallery, Holon, “Wings” (Curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne)
2014 – Artport, Jaffa Port, “Plaster 3” (Curator: Vardit Gross)
2014 – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, “Local Testimony – 2014” (Curator: Vardi Kahana)
2011 – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, “Local Testimony – 2011” (Curator: Galia Gur-Zeev)
1998 – Photogen, Tel Aviv, “Dirty Frame of Mind” (Curator: Lee-more Kohen)



2020 – First Prize, Corona Challenge, International Photography Festival, PHOTO IS: RAEL
2014 – Photograph of the Year Award, “Local Testimony”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2014 – Third Place Recognition, “Local Testimony”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

From the Press

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Local Testimony Photo of the Year 2014:

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